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Blackjack, Craps, and Roulette rules will be provided the night of the event.  All Casino gaming will follow standard rules of play.

These Hold'em Poker Tournament rules are to be used in conjunction with 'Robert's Rules of Poker'. Discrepancies, rulings, judgments will be made by the Tournament Director and Pit Bosses.

This will be a multi-table tournament format. Players will all start with an equal, fixed number of chips (5,000). When a player runs out of chips, they are eliminated from the tournament. As players are eliminated, tables are ‘broken’, meaning players are moved to keep tables full, or evenly ‘balanced’ down to a single table of NINE players. This Final Table will then play down to a single winner.

Buy-in / Rebuy /Add-on
The dollar amount of the initial buy in will be posted on this site prior to the event. The buy in shall purchase 5,000 chips. These chips have no monetary value. Prior to dealing the first card of the tournament, an ADD ON of 5000 chips is available for an additional donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  A player may immediately rebuy into the tournament if they have lost all of their chips until the first card is dealt preceding the auction break mid-way through the event.  Additionally, at any point before the half evening break, if a player drops below 2500 chips, they may purchase an addiitonal 5000 chips via a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Each player is allowed as many rebuys as desired per tournament until the mid-evening break. A last chance ADD ON to 10000 chips will be available at the beginning of the auction break for players still engaged in the tournament.  Both Rebuys and Add-Ons will be in the form of an additional donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and will be for the exact amount of chips allocated to other players in that round.

Payout will be in the form of prizes. No money will be paid out. The prize structure shall be posted at the event. The prize structure will be similar to the following: first prize will include airfare, up to two (2) nights' stay at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, and entry into The World Series of Poker. Prizes for winners two through nine will also be given away.  Prizes range from flat screen TVs, computer tablets and readers, sports memorabilia, and more.  Details will be announced at the event.

Winning the Tournament
The final player remaining with all the chips will be the first prize winner. The last player eliminated will be the second prize winner; the second last player eliminated will be the third prize winner, etc.. If more than one player is eliminated on the same hand, the eliminated player with the higher hand shall be considered finishing in the higher position. Players may 'cut side deals' to split prizes but the Tournament Director is never responsible for the execution of these deals.  All taxes are the responsibility of the winners.

Late Players
Players who have committed their attendance in the form of a pre-paid donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation but have not arrived by the deal of the first hand will, at the Tournament Director's discretion, be assigned a seat and issued chips. A player will post all appropriate blinds/antes on behalf of the absent player. If the absent player has not arrived before the first hand of the second blind is dealt, the absent player's chips are removed from play and he forfeits any chance to play.  The late player will be welcome to play in casino games for the previously paid donation.

Timer Use and Breaks
When the blinds timer expires, it shall be immediately restarted. The next hand will be dealt at the new blind level. For the purpose of this rule, a hand is considered currently in play once the all blinds/antes are posted AND the dealer has begun shuffling (riffles the deck). Breaks will be posted the night of the event. Additional breaks will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. The timer is stopped during breaks.  Individual disputes handled by Pit Bosses will not stop the clock. No additional hands at any table should be started during such a break although hands already in progress should be completed.

Blinds Schedule
The blinds schedule shall be posted in plain view of the playing table(s) the night of the event. Blinds will change to allow for a single winner and tournament completion by 1:30 AM. *Please Note: Blinds may be adjusted at any time during the evening at the discretion of the pit boss in order to further play along and stay on schedule. At the pit boss' discretion, antes may also be increased late in play to further the tournament along to a 1:30 AM completion time.  Because of the 1:30 AM deadline, please be aware that the blind schedule for this tournament can be considered fast/aggressive. 

Each table will seat 9-10 players depending upon attendance. Every attempt will be made to limit seating to 10 players per table, but extenuating circumstances may require more. Players will be distributed as randomly and evenly as possible between all tables. Tables will be broken and players moved as play progresses. Moves and seat assignments will be made by the pit boss, who will have final say in the matter. Every attempt will be made to keep moves fair and impartial. Once seated, players will only be moved to a different table at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director.

Dead Button Rule
If the big blind busts out, the button moves to the player who posted the small blind and the player to the left of the former big blind assumes the big blind. There is no small blind for that hand. On the following deal, the button moves to the now empty seat (the seat vacated by the eliminated big blind player) and the two players to the left post the normal blinds. This will result in the same player being the dealer two hands in a row. When the small blind busts out, the button does not move. The player who was the big blind will now post the small blind and the player to his left will post the big blind. This will result in the same player being the dealer two hands in a row.

Players Leaving
If a player leaves the table for any reason and will return before 20 minutes are up, he can opt to drop every hand that occurs during his absence. He will be responsible for all antes and blinds but will not be dealt cards and cannot win any hands. Players remaining at the table, or another person designated by the absentee, will post all antes and blinds for the absent player. Any player who does not return within 20 minutes forfeits all his remaining chips, to be split evenly among the remaining players at that table. Odd chips are returned to the bank. There will be no refunds or cash-outs given at any time.

The Pit Boss and Tournament Director
The Pit Boss(and Tournament Director(s) are responsible for all table, seating and dealer decisions. The Tournament Director(s) are responsible for the handling of the timer. In the case of disputes and rules interpretations, the Tournament Director(s) will have final authority.

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Because of risks to people with cystic fibrosis (CF), only one person with CF may be invited. Also, individuals who have ever had a confirmed positive sputum culture for Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia) complex shall not attend any Foundation events/meetings. These requirements are because CF germs can be passed between individuals who have CF. Some germs in a person with CF can cause serious respiratory illness and, in some patients, may lead to death. CF germs are not a risk for otherwise healthy individuals. Despite this policy, individuals with CF might choose to attend events or meetings without informing the CF Foundation or without the Foundation’s knowledge. If so, they do so at their own risk. The Foundation accepts no responsibility for any risk to health involved in attendance, or in any social contact between persons with CF. For more information, please visit